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The Seven Sisters Series

Long Dark Night

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From the desert of Iraq through the jungle of Columbia to the Wyoming wilderness these gallant men fought for their mates, the beautiful women from the stars. The prophesized Daughters of the seven sisters, stalked across the world by those that would destroy them came to bring back the sacred way.


Lightning flashed, thunder roared, and Nickolas looked up to see grandfather's milky, cataract covered eyes glowing. The old man had to be nearly blind, Nickolas realized.

After a long silence, grandfather leaned forward and looked into Talia's face.

"Her eyes have died," he boldly stated. "Were they like the light from the stars before she left this world?" he asked Nickolas in heavily accented English.

"Yes," Nickolas answered. "Can she read into the minds of others?" "Yes." "She can heal or take life with a touch?" the old man questioned further. "Yes," Nickolas whispered. "She is one of the Daughters of the Seven Sisters."

"The Seven Sisters are known to you as the seven stars of the Pleiadian constellation," Hawk translated as his grandfather spoke. "The Daughters of the seven sisters are prophesied to come from these stars. They are considered the holiest of the holy. Together with the special human men that are their destined mates, they are to bring back The Way of the Good Red Road, where all live as one in harmony with our Earth Mother."

The daughters of the seven sisters are born to no one, without family, their origins are shrouded in mystery. Appearing all over the world, they are not entirely human. Psychic by nature the sisters each have specific abilities. Gifts, that when brought together, create a force to be reckoned with.

While showing up in many races and locations, they all have several things in common; grey starlit eyes, diminutive size, the ability to hear the thoughts of others and to kill or heal with a touch.

Anyone who touches one of these women is driven into blinding lust and addiction, becoming forever obsessed. Having been born with terrible lethal gifts, by necessity, the sisters live lives of isolation and loneliness. Often exploited by those of evil intent, many of these women are driven to seek their own death.

In their hour of greatest need, their mates are drawn to them--strong human men of great integrity. The only ones that can touch them and survive, the only ones that can unravel the mysteries of their minds, win their hearts, possess their bodies and join in a love so powerful as to fuse souls into a unified whole. A love, that, when multiplied by seven, will sound the frequency of the sacred marriage. This true bonding of masculine and feminine can bring unity to an entire world.

This series consists of the each sister's story as she finds her human mate in her darkest hour. It weaves together the lives of these couples, as against all odds, they come together in a destiny charted before time.


The Long Dark Night

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Book One of
the Seven Sisters Series

One of the prophesized Seven Sisters of the Pleiades, her touch could heal or kill, but once touched, a man was forever obsessed. Talia Martin had lived a life of loneliness, isolated by necessity. Her psychic gifts had been discovered by an Army Major who had arranged to have her special ops trained and used for special assignments. Now she was the government's secret weapon, brought out, dusted off and, once again, put into service to save the captured Navy Seals.

Secret Service Special Agent, Nickolas Pane had never been more devastated. Not by the death of both parents necessitating his partial retirement to take over the running of the family ranch or the infidelity of his X. His kid brother, Daniel, was MIA, captured by the Taliban in Iraq. Then, Nickolas received a mysterious proposal and with it an opportunity to be instrumental in the rescue of his brother and the other members of the Seal special ops team.

She could find his brother using her psychic gifts but had to touch Nickolas to do so. The closeness in the brothers' genetic makeup allowed Nickolas to serve as her "link" to Daniel. Assigned as "link" and body guard to the mysterious Talia Martin, Nickolas is repetitively amazed by her psychic gifts and abilities as she uses them to locate his Brother an ocean away. Agent Pane had to fight his attraction to the beautiful woman from the first time he laid eyes on her. She moved the distant shut down agent in a way nothing ever had.

Under cover as man and wife, they travel across the world, insatiable passion flaring between them. Nickolas could take her a thousand times and a thousand ways but he could never take his fill of her. While Talia knew this was a mission from which she would not return her death would free the man she had come to love.

Nickolas, determined to bring her back or die trying, desired her more than life itself. He would never release her, or live without her.



“I have to secure our quarters,” Nickolas informed her, taking her by the shoulders and setting her back from him.

“We’re alone,” she assured him.

Alone….Oh god… Swallowing hard, he forced himself away from her, pulled his Beretta from his shoulder holster and secured every room before returning. She was still standing in the living room where he had left her.

“Do you feel better now?” Talia asked with a small smile, kicking off her pumps.

Better? Not hardly. How could a woman removing her shoes be so damn sexy? She walked up to him and started unbuttoning his shirt. When he clamped his big hand over hers to still her action, she looked up into his eyes questioningly.

“Are you going to be able to sleep with that ‘not-your-gun’ in your pants?” she asked, glancing down at his tented suit slacks.

“Probably not. No.” Even though he was in a serious hurt, he had to smile at her comment. His smile rapidly faded, however, when she resumed unbuttoning his shirt. “Talia, baby,” he implored, wrapping his hand around her busy little fingers, “I have zero control, I don’t want to run the risk of hurting you.”

“I’m not as fragile as I look. I promise I won’t break, Nickolas,” she whispered, looking deeply into his eyes.

“Ah shit, baby,” he groaned, sweeping her up and carrying her to the bedroom. He could no more stop himself now than he could stop breathing. He had to have her. She wrapped her arms around his thick neck and nuzzled against it as his long, determined strides carried her to the bed. He had to make it to the bed, damn it, he was not going to take her on the floor – or against the wall, or….


Ghost Hawk

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