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The Daguronian Chronicles

Chalice of Kari


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(Book 1 in The Daguronian Chronicles)

Better to Die

Exploited by the government for her psychic gifts, Kahara Mitchell has unwittingly been trained as a deadly assassin. Unwilling to be used to kill innocents, she goes AWOL until her journey ends with her dying – buried under rubble in the wake of a tsunami. At her darkest hour, Lords Rom and Rah Andor, mirror twins from another galaxy rescue her – taking her to their intergalactic fleet where they heal and court her, determined to make her their own.  

To Die For

Karinian Lords, Rom and Rah Andor are the co-ruling kings of the entire Daguronian Sector. They have waited over nine hundred years to find their destined mate. Now the two gigantic alien warriors must win Kahara’s love and willingness to bond, or die trying. Conspiracies abound to sabotage the triad union in an attempt to destroy the brothers and take down House Kari.

The Mission

The royal triad is prophesized to be the powerful force uncovering an ancient exploitive system that has driven many races to near extinction. But to do so, the protective brothers must allow their beloved mate to endanger herself as she uses her gifts fighting by their side in a war that determines the destiny of galaxies.







“I trust our love to gentle you,” she whispered.
“Kahara, oh please lady, at least have Rom present to stop me if I cannot stop myself. I beg of you, for your safety, let me call my brother to be with us.”
Rah’s mental call had already reached Rom who quietly flowed into the dimly lit room. His beloved brother and mate sat before the fire, Kahara’s beautiful naked body draped over his brother’s lap. Rah shredded the leather seat in an attempt to keep his hands off of her.
“I am here.”
“Hi Rom. Rah seems to have some misgivings,” Kahara blushed. She was still unaccustomed to the unity of the brothers and the novelty of having two mates rather than one.
“I was trying to soften him to my wiles but he is proving rather resistant.”
“I know you are trying to get used to us one at a time, but Rah feels it best that we are all here for this. Can you bring yourself to embrace us as a triad?” Rom wanted nothing more than to witness and support the bonding of the two most beloved people in his life.
“I trust your judgment and I trust both of you.” Truth be told, she still felt a bit awkward. Yet the way Rom’s eyes drank in the sight of them together, the silver depths full of passion and love, was one heck of a turn on.
Rom, I am not sure what to do,” Kahara confessed on her private link with him.
Looks like you are doing fine. You have his full attention.”
Rom, if I start to harm her in any way, put me down,” Rah pleaded on the private link with his brother.
Rom settled himself in the chair across from the couple, stretching out and crossing his booted feet at the ankles. He looked deceptively relaxed. Both regarded him with worried eyes.
You might try undressing him, Kahara. As I recall, that was my undoing.”
You’re actually enjoying this, Rom!” she admonished.
You have no idea, lady. You have no idea,” he winked at her.



Oracle of Vidar

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